For the pasta:

            · 100g of all-purpose flour for every egg


For the filling:

            · 2kg Swiss chard

            · 200g onion

            · 1 garlic clove

            · 20g sage

            · 100g butter

            · 200g of Grana Padano cheese

            · 50g breadcrumbs

            · salt as needed

            · bitter herbs as needed

            · 1 egg

            · ½ nutmeg


Recommended wine pairing:



Traditional tortelli prepared with a filling of wild herbs, onion, Grana Padano, breadcrumbs and eggs. 

You start with the classic well. Mix eggs and flour very well, helping at the beginning with a fork to obtain a homogeneous and elastic mixture from which, after half an hour of rest, you can prepare the dough (much better with a wooden rolling pin and board).

Cook the Swiss chard, squeeze it well and grind it in a mill. In the meantime, cook the diced onion and garlic (intact in its casing) in the butter. After cooking, remove the ingredients, then add the sage that needs to brown well until crispy, then remove it.

Add the Swiss chard to the mix of onions, garlic and sage, cook and brown for ten minutes. After cooking, combine the finely chopped bitter herbs, letting them cool and then mix them with eggs, cheese, breadcrumbs, nutmeg, salt.

The dough must be cut and left to partially dry. When the surface is no longer moist but not dried out, the sheet of dough is rolled and the desired sizes are taken. Once the filling is ready, it must be wrapped in the classic egg dough.

It’s recommended to fold into a triangle and pinch it in the middle.

Serve with a sprinkling of Grana Padano, a spoonful of melted butter and crispy sage.

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