Osteria della Brughiera


Genuine food and gourmet delicacies, along with creativity and tradition: our chef does not miss a thing. (Michelin guide) 

Á la carte


• Homemade cold cuts, crispy bread with fresh sausage, Tuscan croutons, lard on warm polenta, Pontremoli wild herbs pie (2 persons)
• Steamed warm sea, mill oil and lemon
• Rosemary, eggplant, yogurt , pine, honey and lemon-smoked shabu shabu beef fillet
• Scallops with hazelnut, grappa-flavored pears, kitchen salt and rosemary
• Squashed yellow potato, egg and Asetra caviar
• Raw seafood with prawns, red and pink prawns, tuna and swordfish, squid and fine whitefish, Italian seafood and “Gillardeau” oysters
• Thin savoy cabbages salad with egg, crunchy puff pastry, artichokes, black truffle caviar and Parmesan cheese.
• Lobster with light broth of tomato and fresh green pepper
• Warm figs, mushrooms and foie gras
• Baby squids ceviche filled with prawns and avocado
• Mashed mountain potatoes, egg and Alba white truffle

First courses

• “Senatore Cappelli” wheat tagliolini with Alba white truffle
• “Seaside pasta” (spelt linguine with beach, fragrances and seafood)
• Gnocchi filled with cheese and coal-grilled with pine infusion
• Vanilla oil beans soup with prawns
• Pappardelle pasta with duck and porcini mushrooms (with white truffle to taste)
• Pumpkin, gorgonzola and ginger (bourguignonne cappelletti pasta)
• Gragnano pasta with fresh “sea-strawberries”, anchovies, tomatoes and mint.

Fish and shellfish

• Adriatic sea bass with anchovies, olives and broccoli.
• Purple prawns skewer with citrus juice and tarragon
• Mixed fried fish (at least 2 people)
• Saffron light broth with gunard and green vegetables

Meat, Poultry and Offals

• Polenta with mountain cheese, porcini mushrooms and Alba white truffle
• Browned veil brain with green beans and black truffle
• Honey “Nantaise” duck with spicy carrots and eggplants
• Baked pigeon with fresh rhubarb and foie gras
• Crispy suckling pig with tamarind and vinaigrette veggies
• Veil tail stuffed with mushrooms and foie gras, salted and black truffle scallion, mashed potatoes.


• Grilled Tuscan pecorino with Taggia olives
• Cave-ripened taleggio cheese with acacia honey and salted pine nuts.
• Selected cheeses, mountain cheeses and DOC cheeses.

East Lombardy is the European region
of gastronomy 2017