The recipe from Via Vai

Here is the plate presented at the “A Cena col Maestro – A Dinner with the Maestro” event in Cremona, from the gourmand restaurant in Crema: Duck Terrine with Benaco Passito served with pistachios and mandarin mostarda.

A Dinner with the Maestro, at the Ponichelli Theatre in Cremona on May 15, saw 5 cooks up on stage as well as a Cremonese pastry chef, ideal ambassadors for the many colleagues who honour the territory with their work. On that occasion it was possible to taste some of the dishes that tell the culinary story of the territory. Like that of Stefano Fagioli and Nicolò Pozzolo, of Trattoria Via Vai in Crema. The first is an exuberant personality, passionate about food and wine, creator of events, but also a television personality and above all very beloved for a gourmand dinner.    

His great capacity as a cook has been revealed in the Duck Terrine with Benaco Passito served with pistachios and mandarin mostarda. Here's the recipe.

Stefano Fagioli, photo by Giacomo Marchetti


Recipe for 1 terrine


900 g ground duck mince

450 g fresh pig pancetta

200 g mandarin mostarda

80 g of Bronte pistachios



3 fish gelatin leaves

1 cup of Benaco passito wine

sliced lard, as much as needed



In a bowl, mix the meat (the duck mince and pancetta) with the salt, pepper and wine. Line a loaf tin with aluminum foil, cover it with slices of lard and place a gelatin leaf on the base; Add half of the meat mix and on top the pistachios and the mostarda in pieces. Place another gelatin leaf and cover with the other half of the meat. Finish with the third gelatin leaf and seal the loaf tin with aluminum foil. Cook in an oven that is preheated to 160°C for 1 hour and a half in a bain-marie. Remove from the oven and put it in the refrigerator with a light (about 1 kg) weight on top. Serve thickly sliced with fresh salad.

By Patrizia Signorini

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