The May plate for East Lombardy

Throughout the month of May, this dish will be served at the Franciacorta Airport Winegate 11 at Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport. It is a gourmand creation by chef Sergio Carboni from Cremona. Who explains it…

Goat’s milk ricotta, Valpadana DOP provolone cheese, pumpkin, mostarda from Cremona, amaretti and aged pancetta: they are the ingredients of Sergio Carboni’s dish, chef from the Locanda degli Artisti in Cappella de’ Picenardi, in the province of Cremona. From May 1 and throughout the entire month, this dish wish be served at the Franciacorta Airport Winegate 11 at Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport. “The plate is called goat’s ricotta gnocchi spheres with Valpadana DOP provolone fondue, pumpkin puree and crunchy pancetta,” says Carboni, who created the dish for the East Lombardy project, for which he is ambassador for the province of Cremona.


What was your inspiration for this dish?


“It’s a dish that’s been on the menu at Locanda degli Artisti for quite some time, made with products from the four East Lombardy provinces. The ricotta comes from a goat farm nearby the restaurant, the Valpadana DOP provolone and the pancetta are in turn representative of the territory for a recipe that encompasses ties with our traditions”.


So, time to make a date at Franciacorta Airport Winegate 11…


“Exactly. Vittorio Fusari will be supervising the kitchen. Today, April 27, we will make it together and then explain it to the Winegate 11 brigade, who will then have to prepare it throughout the month of May”. 

The dish is called goat’s ricotta gnocchi spheres with Valpadana DOP provolone fondue, pumpkin puree and crunchy pancetta. It superbly puts together the ingredients that represent the territory: goat’s ricotta, Valpadana DOP provolone, pumpkin, mostarda from Cremona, amaretti and aged pancetta. 

Is it a difficult dish?

“No, it’s relatively simple both to prepare and in terms of ingredients, which for the dough are goat’s milk ricotta, eggs, flour, salt, nutmeg and pepper. Large walnut-sized balls are formed that are, indeed, gnocchi spheres. Separately you prepare the puree using typical ingredients for traditional ravioli filling: pumpkin, mostarda from Cremona, nutmeg and broth. It’s all cooked together and then blended until you get a velvety sauce with a brilliant colour. The Valpadana DOP provolone fondue is made by melting the cheese in milk. Then you cook the gnocchi in boiling salted water for 3 minutes, when they float to the top, take them out and season with the fondue. Then drizzle the puree around them and place the crunchy pancetta strips on top, prepared by cooking quickly over a high heat to melt the fat and make it crunchy to give a touch of extra flavour”.


A sumptuous dish perfect for the East Lombardy project…

 “Yes, I think so. This is an exceptional project because it gives the opportunity to get to know a territory rich in food, wine, tourism and history. This is a chance not to be missed because it opens an international window to our products. The union of the four contiguous states is also important, as well as the participation in each of the events.


The chefs of Cremona will meet on May 15 at the Ponchielli Theatre under the aegis of East Lombardy. What is the event?

“A dinner with the Master, Chefs in concert brings seven chefs together – Paco Magri, Marina Morelli, Roberto Magnani, Gianpaolo Fenoglio, Stefano Fagioli and Nicolò Pozzoli as well as the pastry chefs from Dossena – on stage at Ponchielli. The evening will combine music, played by Japanese violinist Lena Yokohama with a Vesuvio 1727C violin, one of Antonio Stradivari’s last masterpieces, with the tradition and creativity of food and wine”. 

By Mariella Caruso

Photo by Giulia Corradetti

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