East Lombardy lands at Orio al Serio

The best cooking in East Lombardy, confirmed by great chefs, is the star of Italy Loves Food, the “Piazza of Flavours” inside the Bergamasco airport.

East Lombardy is putting on its wings: the cuisine from the area takes flight from Orio al Serio Airport with the East Lombardy hub, an innovative food court that expands the selection of food and wine at Italy Loves Food, the new area dedicated to gastronomic and wine excellence in the departures terminal.

East Lombardy landed in the Ilario Testa area at Milan Bergamo Airport on April 6 and is the first major activity in an articulated program of events that will characterise all of 2017, aiming to promote the territory, excellence and the protagonists in the food and wine sector. From April 2017 until March 2018 (with a calendar of events that aims to overcome the temporal boundaries assigned by the international title of European Region of Gastronomy), passengers departing to both Italian and international destinations from Bergamo Airport will be able to taste and purchase the specialities from East Lombardy, in particular wines and cheeses, the products that best characterise what East Lombardy has to offer.

All passengers in transit to the main European capitals, in addition to the shopping on offer in the retail area, will be able to choose from a selection of products from East Lombardy. They will also be able to enjoy dishes created every month by a great chef, recreated by the team of Vittorio Fusari, a long-time chef who was entrusted the direction of the kitchen at WineGate11, a space devoted to the degustation of Franciacorta wine and promoted in collaboration with the Consortium for Protection of Franciacorta, together with strategic partners Acqua Panna and San Pellegrino. To begin, Philippe Léveillé, patron of the restaurant Miramonti l'Altro, 2 Michelin stars, will inaugurate the new promotional initiative which will see 8 great cooks from East Lombardy pass the baton over the next few months integrating and enhancing what’s on offer at WineGate11. “Cubism of lake sardines, salsa verde and sweet and sour vegetables”, the dish created by Léveillé for the month of April, a proposal that combines the freshness of the raw materials and the quality of the territory’s products in a way to optimise flavour and lightness. 

Tutti i passeggeri in transito verso le principali capitali europee oltre a poter acquistare nell’area retail la selezione di prodotti della Lombardia Orientale potranno gustare un piatto di cucina d’autore creato e firmato ogni mese da un grande cuoco e riproposto dalla brigata diretta da Vittorio Fusari

Each month the East Lombardy menu will be comprised of a great chef’s signature dish as well as a selection of cheeses that represent the four territories, a glass of Franciacorta DOCG wine and San Pellegrino mineral water. The participating gourmand chefs have already been selected for the months leading up to and including summer. Sergio Carboni from Locanda degli Artisti in Cappella de’ Picenardi (CR) in May, Romano Tamani from L’Ambasciata di Quistello (MN) during June and throughout July Petronilla Frosio the chef and teacher of hospitality at Petronilla Hotel, awarded prizes in the heart of 19th century Bergamo.  

Milan Bergamo Airport, the third busiest airport in Italy, with more than 11 million passengers passing through in 2016, a constantly increasing number, represents the main access point into the East Lombardy territories for foreign tourists. It is an exceptional window of opportunity to visualize our corresponding target markets. “This space represents a privileged access gate to our territory – underlined Roberta Garibaldi, scientific director of East Lombardy – what could be better for a tourist than the opportunity to take the flavours and aromas that they fell in love with, home with them on their departure? We couldn’t have chosen a better place to promote the message of this ambitious project that commences in East Lombardy and finds its way around the rest of the world”. “What we’ve created with East Lombardy is a hand of aces, of territorial excellence united to promote themselves as a tourism destination – added Silvia Tropea, food expert Bergamo – everything that a tourist takes with them from a journey is that which remains in their heart: our land, the care, the love and the dedication that chefs, farmers and producers put into our dishes”.

This important collaboration allows the gastronomic excellence from East Lombardy to not only be visible, but also to be bought and savoured in a welcoming and original space, allowing visitors to conserve an emotion filled memory to take home with them and retell activating a virtuous disclosure mechanism. An ideal word of mouth that could stimulate the propensity to return and the narration of a territory that has much to express.

By Alda Fantin

Photo by Sonia Santagostino

East Lombardy is the European region
of gastronomy 2017