The great ice cream parlours of East Lombardy

Three prestigious awards for the greatest cones and the exquisite cups of East Lombardy in the new Gelateria d’Italia 2017 ice cream guide by Gambero Rosso.

East Lombardy is the protagonist in the Gelateria d’Italia 2017, the first ice cream guide by Gambero Rosso dedicated to the best Italian ice cream parlours and the finest chill masters, who honour the great cold art tradition with their true masterpieces of taste. Out of more than 37,000 ice cream parlours in the boot, less than 300 are mentioned in the guide, rated with a score from zero to three cones depending on the level of excellence achieved. Of these, only 36 earned the Three Cones, the highest score for quality of service, what’s on offer and the overall quality of the product.

On the podium are many famous faces that have made the history of Italian ice cream, alongside talents that continuously study and research with great technique, curiosity and passion that have been able to make their mark on the national scene. Among them is Riccardo Schiari, owner of Bergamo’s “La Pasqualina” in Almenno San Bartolomeo, patisserie, ice cream parlour and café awarded Three Cones. Riccardo has patented, receiving inspiration from an egg carton, an ice cream container that reserves a space for every flavour. It has been a very successful innovation as it protects customers who suffer from allergies and intolerances but who don’t want to sacrifice their favourite flavours. 

Top Award for Pasqualina in Almenno San Bartolomeo (Bg). Emerging Ice cream Parlour award to Ciocolat in Toscolano Maderno (Bs). Special Award for Flavour and Health to Oasi in Fara Gera d’Adda (Bg). 

Besides the 36 Three Cone winners, the Gelaterie d’Italia guide has also awarded some special prizes. Many winners were from East Lombardy: Emerging Ice cream parlour to Carmela Grotta from «Ciocolat» in Toscolano Maderno (BS), for the judges it was <<a surprising quality of the product (…) everything is enriched by an active imagination, measurement in the combinations and attention to intolerances.>> The ice cream that’s good for you on the other hand is made in Bergamo, created by Candida Pelizzoli, founder and owner of Gelateria American Bar OASI in Fara Gera d’Adda. She received the special prize “Flavour & Health”. An award that rewards years of study, research, care and attention given to artisan ice cream as a complete nutritional food. The flavours range from a carrot-violet-blackberry rich in anthocyanins and carotenoids to the cherry tomato-raspberry full of tomato flavonoids, passing to the peach and saffron mix with full of carotenoids and loaded with fibre. Strong flavours but at the same time light, where sweet and savoury offset each other for the pleasure of the most demanding and health conscious palates.

Gelateria d’Italia does not merely suggest where to go, but explain why, by clarifying the meaning of artisanship, a topic in Italy that creates much confusion because of the lack of ad hoc legislation to define the rules and boundaries. In some cases, you can also label ice cream parlours that use ready-made bases as ‘artisan’. Awaiting effective laws, this guide was also born to acknowledge those who truly honour the tradition: with milk and other fresh ingredients with respect to what’s in season, the ice cream is healthy as well as tasty.


Gelaterie d'Italia | Gambero Rosso, 2017 is available on line. In bookshops end of March 2017.


By Alda Fantin

Photo 1: Photo from www.pasqualina.it

Photo 2: Photo from the Facebook page of Gelateria Ciocolat

East Lombardy is the European region
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