Convivium is the sweet typical of East Lombardy

The “ciambella” (ring-shaped cake) made by the Atena pastry shop belonging to the Margini family of Sabbioneta will represent East Lombardy

A playful challenge was born among the Confartigianato pastry chefs of the four provinces that make of the East Lombardy project– Cremona, Bergamo, Brescia and Mantua -  the new sweet that represents East Lombardy.

The winning delicacy is from Mantua and is called “Convivium”, and was created by the Atena Pastry Shop belonging to the Margini family of Sabbioneta and was awarded during the Torrone Festival.  Convivium is a sort of ciambella (ring-shaped cake) that includes all the four interested territories with ingredients such as Olio del Garda DOP, Moscato di Scanzo from Bergamo, the Glassa al Torrone from Cremona and a stuffing with pumpkin cream, accompanied by pears macerated in Moscato di Scanzo.

Among all the other sweets in the contest, the Pasticceria Delizie degli Angeli pastry shop in Cremona chose a variation on the cheesecake theme, with a Sbrisolosa, with an “s” (the Cremona version of the Mantua cake called Sbrisolona) base; the Pasticceria Guagni di Roccafranca pastry shop (Brescia) presented a cake that looked like a Sacher, with a Brescia style Bossolà base, while the Pasticceria Giosuè from Montello (Bergamo) made a tasty original type of plumcake.  The sweets from Cremona and Brescia were presented in a very complete way with great care given to their appearance, while the pastry shops from Bergamo and Mantua placed attention not only on the appearance, but also on sweets that could be taken away as souvenirs by tourists.  

Unites all four of the involved territories with ingredients like DOP Garda Oil, Moscato di Scanzo from Bergamo, Glassa al Torrone from Cremona and a stuffing that has a pumpkin cream base, accompanied by pears macerated in Moscato di Scanzo

The fact of having used the excellences of the four provinces, the ease with which the gastronomical tourist can buy the sweet and the excellent way the Convivium was made, had the Atena Pastry Shop on the podium during the award ceremony in the Piazza del Comune.  The sweets were judged by a panel of journalists and food bloggers, coordinated by Vittoriano Zanolli, director of the newspaper La Provincia di Cremona.

Convivium will, therefore, represent the European Gastronomic region as something new, but with everything needed to become a tradition because, as underlined during the opening speech by the president of the Confartigianato of Cremona Massimo Rivoltini (a pastry chef himself), «tradition is nothing by successful innovation”.  

by Alda Fantin

East Lombardy is the European region
of gastronomy 2017