The video recipes of East Lombardy

Every Tuesday and Thursday the most important dishes of the four territories explained step by step by some of the most representative chefs. On eastlombardy.it, of course.

The videorecipesof East Lombardy are on the way. The important project for the promotion of East Lombardy, named European Region of Gastronomy 2017, could not ignore the audio-visual took in its promotion of the excellence offered by the four territories through the preparation of some of their most delicious dishes.

All this will be made possible thanks to the collaboration of East Lombardy with the Arte del Convivio – Convivium Lab cooking school in Milan. At the school located in corso Magenta 46, twenty videorecipes were recorded, five for each of the provinces included in the project (Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona and Mantua), with the aim of promoting the trattorias of East Lombardy and their typical food features. 

the first videorecipes will be published starting Tuesday, November 22nd, on East Lombardy and on the social networks.  Caffè la Crepa of Isola Dovarese (Cr) will start off, and its chef Franco Malinverno will present the dish “Tortelli amari alle erbe San Pietro” (bitter tortelli with San Pietro herbs), afterwards, the videorecipe by Maurizio Pesenti of Trattoria Dentella in Bracca (Bg), with Riso Carnaroli ai Formai de Mut (Carnaroli Rice with typical Mut Cheese); and then the video by Emilio and Lorena Zanola of the Trattoria Castello in Serle (Brescia) with Stoccafisso con i marroni del nostro castagneto (dried codfish with chestnuts from our chestnut groves). The it will be the turn of Hostaria Viola in Castiglione delle Stiviere (Mn), Alessandra Viola will prepare the “Petto di faraona alla Bartolomeo Stefani” (Guinea fowl breast Bartolomeo Stefani style). And so on, choosing from the best trattorias of the four provinces.  

The appointment is every Tuesday and Thursday, to know how to prepare the most delicious dishes of the four territories, accompanied by  high level chefs and always focusing on the traditions of the location.

Here is the complete schedule: after the four stated above,  Il Gabbiano in Corte de’ Cortesi (Cr); Collina in Almenno San Bartolomeo (Bg); La Madia in Brione (Bs); Da Pietro in Castiglione delle Stiviere (Mn); Locanda degli Artisti in Cappella de’ Picenardi (Cr); Lalimentari in Bergamo (Bg); Osteria dell’Angelo in Gussago (Bs); Finis Terrae in Mantova (Mn); Via Vai in Ripalta Cremasca (Cr); Vineria Cozzi in Bergamo (Bg); Antica Trattoria alle Rose in Salò (Bs), Da Bortolino in Viadana (Mn); Trattoria dell’Alba in Piadena (Cr); Al Gigianca in Bergamo (Bg); Il Tartufo in Revere (Mn). One more name from Brescia has yet to be chosen.

An exclusive preview of this initiative was held on Saturday, October 29th, when the twenty-seventh edition of the Slow Food 2017 guide, which gives a collection of all the taverns and popular places to eat in Italy,  was presented in the Saps-Agnelli Cooking Lab space in Lallio, in the province of Bergamo.  On this occasion, four of the restaurants in the guide performed in a “four burners” cooking show coordinated by Silvia Tropea Montagnosi, food expert for  East Lombardy-Bergamo and coordinator for Lombardy for the Slow food tavern guide.  

During the cooking show of 29/10, the four chefs from the East Lombardy territory brought their historical dishes: Maurizio Dentella of the Trattoria Dentella di Bracca (Bergamo) offered ‘Crespella with mut cheese from Alta Valle Brembana DOP and black truffles from Bracca’; Alessandra Viola and Paolo Socini of the Hostaria Viola in Castiglione delle Stiviere (Mantova) offered ‘Pilota rice with nano vialone rice from  Grumolo delle Abbadesse and spiced pesto made with Mantua sausage’; La Madia in Brione (Bs) offered ‘Twice-cooked pork with rooibos tea and apple sauce’; and last but not least, Federico Malinverno of the Caffè la Crepa in Isola Dovarese (Cremona) offered ‘Semifreddo made with Cremona torrone (nougat) and Garda lemons’.

There is definitely no lack of appointments to discover the gastronomic excellence of East Lombardy: now’s the time to taste them.

by Chiara Nicolini

East Lombardy is the European region
of gastronomy 2017