The Veronelli Guide rewards Franciacorta

The 2017 edition is presented. Curtefranca Bianco Chardonnay 2012 of Ca’ del Bosco is voted best white wine of 2017

A guide that has deep historical roots, in in those principles that Luigi Veronelli transmitted to who, today, lets his name live on in the Veronelli Permanent Seminar.  A guide that was created in that part of Lombardy that is part of East Lombardy, since the Veronelli Permanent Seminar has its headquarters in Bergamo (and that rewarded the Curtefranca Bianco Chardonnay 2012, Ca’ del Bosco, Erbusco, Brescia, as best white wine of 2017.).

The 2017 guide “The Wines of Veronelli”, was presented in Rome on Wednesday, October 19. «In Italy – explained the director of the Veronelli Permanent Seminar, Andrea Bonini – there are many guides for wines, in this moment, some that were created a short time ago.  We can say that ours is the firs:  with this one, we are in our 29th edition.  But its roots date back even further, if we consider the fact that the first catalogues of Italian wine realized by Veronelli in 1961».

«Veronelli definitely created a language – continues Bonini – opened a field, a road, that many followed.  And this is the value of the publication from an historical point of view.  From an editorial point of view, we are different from the others because we don’t have a wine-tasting panel, but two persons who work all year for the guide, tasting wines». Reference was obviously being made to Gigi Brozzoni and Daniel Thomases. «Every opinion about the wine has the initials of who tasted it.  They do it directly, and each card can be traced back to the taster who is responsible for their criticism. We take on our responsibility, every card can be traced back to the taster who takes responsibility for their criticism.  Moreover, the scores are in hundredths, evaluating even the slightest differences that exist between the among the best wines in Italy.

The guide comes from that part of Lombardy that is past of East Lombardy, since the Veronelli Permanent Seminar has its headquarters in Bergamo.  «In Italy, there are many wine guides.  We can say that ours in the first:  in fact, this is our 29th edition.  But our roots go even deeper if we consider the fact that Veronelli realized the first wine catalogues back in 1961»

The 2017 guide gave us a look at the condition of the Italian wine market. «The quality is definitely high level throughout Italy – underlined Bonini – In all regions now there are companies that are able to produce excellent wines.  In these past years, producers haven’t had the right support, even from the institutions, to help them establish themselves on international markets not as single companies, but as an Italian wine industry. But fortunately, I have to say that something is now going in this direction».

The guide also gave the following awards. 

Best sparkling wine: Trento Extra Brut Riserva del Fondatore Giulio Ferrari 2005, Ferrari - Fratelli Lunelli (Trento)

Best white wine: Curtefranca Bianco Chardonnay 2012, Ca’ del Bosco (Erbusco, Brescia)

Best Rose’ wine: Vigna Mazzì Salento Rosato 2014, Rosa del Golfo (Alezio, Lecce)

Best red wine: Barolo Vigna Rionda Ester Canale Rosso 2012, Rosso Giovanni (Serralunga d’Alba, Cuneo)

Best sweet wine or dessert wine: Vin Santo di Montepulciano Occhio di Pernice 2001, Avignonesi (Montepulciano, Siena).

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