New splendor in San Pellegrino

The spa shines again: the baths are open again, the casino renovated, and now there is a mega-project for the historical water bottling plant.

If it were a fairy tale, it would be one with a happy ending:  the village of San Pellegrino is famous for its well-known water spring, talked about also by Leonardo da Vinci and which starting from the end of the 1800’s allowed the village in Val Brembana to become the location for an elegant spa, destination for refined and international tourism.  The water bottling plant allowed for the construction of splendid liberty style buildings:  the thermal baths, but also a casino and the Grand Hotel….Amazing!  However, gradually these buildings began to show signs of neglect while the bottles of water became more and more a part of dining room tables all over the world.

It is nice, therefore, that in these years in which the village has gone back to its past splendor (the spa began it activities again on December 19, 2014, using the old, magnificent buildings of the ex-hotel Terme-Milano:  now it records 130 thousand visitors a year. And the casino has been completely renovated and extended and is now used meetings, congresses and weddings), even the SanPellegrino plant is ready to make a change, becoming another crown jewel of the village.

And if the symbol of the village is a red star (this was the symbol placed on the quality Italian products that between the 1800’s and 1900’s  were admired by everyone); and if its water is the water preferred by chefs as can be seen by its partnership with Identita’ Golose….then only the most famous architects in the world had to be involved in the ambitious plant that was presented on Thursday;  four of the most famous architectural firms in the world unveiled their innovative and futurists plans to redesign the historical San Pellegrini water bottling plant.

The Danish firm BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group), the Dutch firm MVRDV, the Norwegian firm Snøhetta and the Italian Michele De Lucchi talked about their visions and a distinguished panel coordinated by Luca Molinari with, among other, Stefano Agostini, present and Managing Director of Sanpellegrino, Giulio Cappellini, designer, architect and founder of Cappellini, and Laudomia Pucci, CEO of Emilio Pucci.

Four important architects of the “red star” water are competing to renovate the “home” of the group in ValBrembana, which will become the flagship factory of the multinational company.

A composit with four projects, presented by four important international architectural firms for the new S.Pellegrino plant.

The four firms, in fact, are involved in the international scale architectural contest requested by Sanpellegrino with the aim of renovating its home in San Pellegrino Terme through an innovative and technologically advanced design.  The new structure should be able to harmonize the esthetic nature of the plant with the territory, paying particular attention to the image and values of the S.Pellegrino brand which, since its founding in 1899, has developed its commitment for innovation and technological progress.  

It is very positive that today the multinational company wants to give its “home” a new appeal (the current structure dates back to 1960 and  shows signs of the passing of time and outdated criteria), in an effort that also represents the close bond that S.Pellegrino has with its territory, the place where it all began, and is needed to bring San Pellegrino Terme back to the golden age of the  Belle Époque, when the city was an exclusive meeting place for European aristocracy.

The four firms developed their projects trying to combine new architectural trends with the brand value of the natural context in which the plant is located.  «The projects we presented really amazed us – said Agostini – All four of the firms interpreted the history and value of our brand so well that it will be extremely difficult to choose a winner.  On the other hand, this is why we invited firms of international fame to participate in this contest; we want to be sure that the new home of S.Pellegrino, destined to become the flagship of our Group, can amaze the visitors who come here from all around the world».

And Clément Vachon, head of Communications and International Relations for Sanpellegrino: «We want to stress the fact that we were born here.  S.Pellegrino means 1 billion bottles sold every year worldwide, but it does not forget its bond with its home.  Since 1899 we have been a success story:  after 115, we are taking action on our site to put it in line with the image of the entire Group».

Before the end of September, the company will announce the winner and lead times.  Updates on the various phases of the project are available at www.sanpellegrino.com and on the digital and social channels of S.Pellegrino.

Carlo Passera

Photo from  www.qctermesanpellegrino.it

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