The project involves many actors sharing the wish to achieve a wider enhancement of their own territory, for a better future. 

Managing Board

  • Lombardy Region: Mauro Parolini, Councillor for Commerce Tourism and Tertiary sector
  • Municipality of Bergamo: Giorgio Gori, Mayor
  • Municipality of Brescia: Laura Castelletti, Deputy Mayor
  • Municipality of Cremona: Gianluca Galimberti, Mayor
  • Municipality of Mantua: Mattia Palazzi, Mayor
    Bergamo Chamber of Commerce: Emanuele Prati, General Secretary
  • Cremona Chamber of Commerce: Maria Grazia Cappelli, General Secretary
  • Mantua Chamber of Commerce: Marco Zanini, General Secretary
  • Brescia Chamber of Commerce: Massimo Ziletti, General Secretary; Eleonora Rigotti, Brescia Tourism (delegate)
  • Bergamo University: Fulvio Adobati, Deputy Dean
  • Scientific Manager: Roberta Garibaldi

Scientific Manager

  • Roberta Garibaldi, Bergamo University

Technical board

  • Lombardy Region: Mariachiara Montera, Explora (delegate)
  • Municipality of Bergamo: Christophe Sanchez, staff of the Mayor, Chief of the Mayor's Cabinet
  • Municipality of Brescia: Daniela Scaini, Culture and City Promotion department, in charge of the Tourism Service
  • Municipality of Cremona: Valerio Demaldè, Project manager, Commerce and City Timings Service
  • Paola Milo, Province of Cremona
  • Municipality of Mantua: Emanuela Medeghini, Special projects manager
  • Bergamo Chamber of Commerce: Andrea Locati, Chief Communication Service
  • Cremona Chamber of Commerce: Ilaria Casadei, Promotional Activites department
  • Brescia Chamber of Commerce: Chiara Ceresoli, Brescia Tourism (delegate)
  • Mantua Chamber of Commerce: Claudia Saccani, Information and Economic Promotion Service Chief
  • Bergamo University: Scientific manager and project staff member

Food committee

Project staff

Territorial Organizations

  • Administration: Bergamo Chamber of Commerce, Emanuele Prati, Andrea Locati
  • Tourism: Bergamo University, Roberta Garibaldi, Elena Viani, Francesca Orlandini
  • Promotion: Municipality of Brescia, Daniela Scaini; Brescia Tourism, Chiara Ceresoli
  • Communication: Municipality of Bergamo, Christophe Sanchez
  • From production to market: Municipality of Cremona, Valerio Demaldè; Province of Cremona, Paola Milo; Cremona Chamber of Commerce, Ilaria Casadei

Territorial contact persons


East Lombardy is the European region
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