Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona and Mantua have been awarded European Region of Gastronomy 2017, promoting themselves as a single tourism destination.

East Lombardy

Numbers can perfectly sum up the richness of Ea(s)t Lombardy’s food and wine heritage, including the territories of Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona and Mantua: 22 starred restaurants (including two restaurant with 3 Michelin stars), 10 of the best restaurants mentioned in the Gambero Rosso gastronomy guide, 22 Identità Golose restaurants.

Not to mention Franciacorta, which is only the most renowned name among an outstanding wine production sector, including 2 DOCGs, 13 DOC wines and 10 IGT wines. We can also name the mineral waters such as San Pellegrino. Moreover: 16 PDO products, 9 IGPs, 11 Slow Food Presidia and numerous high-quality craft products, also enhanced by the presence of 8 Wines and Flavours Routes, offering gastronomic itineraries and promoting the discovery of niche products.

But there’s more: 753 farmhouses and 115 educational farms contribute to create a gastronomic territory that is extremely relevant on a Eurpoean scale.

For what concerns innovation and the purchase of production quality, the data collected by the agriculture census carried out by ISTAT in 2010 show that there are 2.031 companies with PDO and/or IGP products (6,3% of the total) and 3.884 companies with PDO and/or IGP breedings (29,8% of the total).

Thanks to these figures, East Lombardy is on top of food and wine charts.

The touristic offer is integrated by 143.000 accomodations, an efficient transportation network, tow big airports, high-speet rail, a significant number of complementary hotel facilities such as campings and B&B.

Tourist offer

There will be many original food & wine routes designed by renowned chefs, thanks to the culinary excellence of East Lombardy: filled pasta, wines, oils, cheeses, fruit and vegetables are only a few of the protagonists of East Lombardy’s flavour, art, food, discovery and tradition itineraries. 

Food & Wine and Food experience represent the core of an action aimed to develop a more appealing, creative and focused offer, always considering sustainability and respect for the territory.

2016 featured Mantua as the Italian Capital of Culture, so it is a crucial lounching time for a 2017 dedicated to food and food making. Not to mention Monteverdi Festival, which is going to celebrate the 450th birthday of the composer from Cremona, or even the famous Mantua Literature Festival.   

Today, 11.5 million tourists visit East Lombardy, 62% of them coming from abroad, with an average length of stay of 3,1 days. Therefor, the region’s joined territories want to expand their attractiveness with a strategy aimed to create an offer that is:

  • more focused

  • closer to the visitor’s needs

  • more experiential and emotional, also able to impress both heart and soul of the tourist through food

  • more sustainable and ethically acceptable

  • more innovative and more appealing thanks to numerous types of products.

Short supply chain and business networking

However, being the European Region of Gastronomy is also a collaboration strategy set up to enhance the local social and economical development by means of a short supply chain networking approach, including a business network encompassing the many local stakeholders that may help them carry out numerous joint actions: citizens-focused outreach activities, specific projects for schools, congresses, public presentations and workshops aimed to inform and to raise awareness on sustainability, food culture, quality, traditions and innovation. Because culture is also a matter of food.

Currently, the local bodies are called to action by means of the collection of endorsment letters and the mapping of the most interesting events, in order to involve the stakeholders – which represent the main mediators of the territory’s excellences. This is why a direct relationship has been pursued with them, through thematic working gropus taking place periodically in the municipalities of Brescia, Bergamo, Cremona and Mantua.

The project is open and the territory’s interested subjects are invited to join it and sign up on the website, too.
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East Lombardy is the European region
of gastronomy 2017