WineGate 11
Your East Lombardy breakfast at Milan-Bergamo Airport.

Start your trip with the East Lombardy breakfast at Milan-Bergamo Airport: at Winegate11you can savour a rich SWEET-SAVOURY BUFFET.



  • Crostini with seasonal fruit marmalade
  • Crostini with trout
  • Mini omelette and vegetable sandwiches

And then…

  • Sourdough bread baked in our oven
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice/fresh seasonal fruit juices



  • Bossolà or Sbrisolona


Discover the recipes of a good day and enjoy the East Lombardy signature breakfast at WineGate11!


Marinated trout mousse with sourdough crostini

East Lombardy is the European region
of gastronomy 2017