Signature breakfasts
Signature breakfasts by the East Lombardy’s artisans of taste.

Artisans, pastry chefs and hospitality masters have created the signature East Lombardy breakfast, transmitting the passion, art and imagination that’s combined in each of their dishes. It is an anthology of ingredients and recipes that inebriate the senses and give an appetising and rejuvenating awakening. 

Al Carrobbio
Bombonini biscuits, the flavours of the past revived at Al Carrobbio
Sbrisolana Antoniazzi
Chiave di Bacco
Strudel with pears from Cremona
Colline del Garda
Fugasì, the traditional sweet farmer’s bread
Da Vittorio
Focaccia with Taleggio D.O.P. and raspberries from Bergamo’s Parco di Colli
La Marianna
Donizetti Cake, a classic in northern Italy’s patisseries
Locanda Torriani
Bussolano di Soresina, a sweet delight since 1800.
Majestic 2
Chisöl, a typical traditional local dessert
Pasticceria Di Novo
Shortcrust tart with nuts
Pasticceria Dondeo
Türünina cake
Pasticceria Veneto
Chiacchiere for breakfast
Smaiassa cake revisited with Isabella grapes and scaiolo cornmeal 
Mantuan pumpkin and dark chocolate tart
Profumo di Lievito
Focaccina with Garda DOP oil
Winegate 11
Your East Lombardy breakfast at Milan-Bergamo Airport.

East Lombardy is the European region
of gastronomy 2017