East Lombardy is the European region
of gastronomy 2017

East Lombardy Cooking Boxes

Prepare a meal at home, using local ingredients and certified recipes, today you can. Making it possible is My... Continue

East Lombardy’s dish of the month: Cuz Cappelletti in forest broth

You say " cuz " and you think of Corteno Golgi, a village in the Camonica Valley. It is here, that for an almost... Continue

East Lombardy’s dish of the month: Marubini with walnut sauce

These are “ma rubin”, my rubies, said a pastry chef from the Pasta and Pastry Chef Guild paying homage... Continue

Breakfast Project: speaking with Chicco Cerea

Among the twenty-five restaurants taking part in East Lombardy’s “Breakfast Project” initiative,... Continue

East Lombardy’s dish of the month: Zucchini anoli, agrì di Valtorta cheese...

The dish of the month has changed at WineGate 11 in the Italy loves food food court at Orio al Serio Airport. To... Continue

Caffè La Crepa’s recipe for 2017

We present an Italian evolution of the most classic specialty from the Alps, already on the menu with the name... Continue

The recipe from Via Vai

A Dinner with the Maestro , at the Ponichelli Theatre in Cremona on May 15, saw 5 cooks up on stage as well as a... Continue

Chicken in Carpione marinade is East Lombardy’s dish of July

Petronilla Frosio from Ristorante Posta in Sant’Omobomo Terme, in the province of Bergamo, created the... Continue

S.Pellegrino an icon of Italian excellence throughout the world and a main...

Since its beginning, in 1899, S.Pellegrino has been an icon of Italian excellence. With over 1 billion bottles... Continue

Guinea fowl is the protagonist of the June dish for East Lombardy

There is all the Renaissance beauty of the city of Mantua on the plate that, throughout the month of June, will be... Continue

The May plate for East Lombardy

Goat’s milk ricotta, Valpadana DOP provolone cheese, pumpkin, mostarda from Cremona, amaretti and aged... Continue

East Lombardy lands at Orio al Serio

East Lombardy is putting on its wings: the cuisine from the area takes flight from Orio al Serio Airport with the... Continue

The great ice cream parlours of East Lombardy

East Lombardy is the protagonist in the Gelateria d’Italia 2017 , the first ice cream guide by Gambero Rosso... Continue

Convivium is the sweet typical of East Lombardy

A playful challenge was born among the Confartigianato pastry chefs of the four provinces that make of the East... Continue

Ode to Iginio Massari, Master of bakery.

«Pastry-making is transgression, something intrinsic to the curisotiy that the pastry chef has to comply with... Continue

The video recipes of East Lombardy

The videorecipes of East Lombardy are on the way. The important project for the promotion of East Lombardy, named... Continue

The Veronelli Guide rewards Franciacorta

A guide that has deep historical roots, in in those principles that Luigi Veronelli transmitted to who, today, lets... Continue

New splendor in San Pellegrino

If it were a fairy tale, it would be one with a happy ending:  the village of San Pellegrino is famous for its... Continue

The heretical Tortelli cremaschi

A long talk with Matteo Bassi on the Italian and world restaurant business, starting from the book “XXL, 50... Continue

Grana Padano and chef: it’s a bet!

“Every edition of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants is also a chance to allow the sponsors,  a total... Continue

Discovering Capunsèl

Everyone knows that the best way to become familiar with the traditions of the people is to taste the traditional... Continue
East Lombardy’s signature breakfasts await you!
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The East Lombardy video-recipes
Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona and Mantua in 20 dishes
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East Lombardy is the European region
of gastronomy 2017